The Marina at the Reserve | The Reserve Belize
The Marina at the Reserve is a fully managed, state-of-the-art Marina located in southern Belize.
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The Reserve Belize



The Marina at The Reserve is one of several magnificent communities found within the eco-friendly development of The Reserve Belize. This award-winning community spans across 14,000 lush acres of pristine land, of which 10,000 acres is a protected Reserve. Several gated communities lie safe and secure within the confines of this “ecological Eden” that is home to five distinct ecosystems: Tropical Savannah, Belizean Jungle, Riverine, Caribbean Marine and Coral Reef. These fragile ecosystems are home to an abundance of life, as well as offer a variety of living experiences where one can build your dream home.

At the heart of The Reserve development master plan lies The Marina, while several other well-designed communities are nestled within various ecosystems. Each community in The Reserve offers something unique for every home owner – a selection of larger lots are found along the Sittee River in communities like Waterway Estates and Equestrian Estates, while the wooded forests of Northridge provide sanctuary to those seeking an escape into the wilderness. For those looking to be closer to the water, Sapodilla Ridge and a section of Northridge offers a myriad of canal homesites where any skipper can chart a course for the open ocean.

The Reserve Amenities


• 250 Slip Marina
• Private Island
• 10,000 Acre Reserve
• Beach Club & Pool
• Private Beach Cabanas
• Marina Village & Restaurants
• Organic Farm
• Equestrian Center



The tropical landscape of The Reserve Belize is home to many diverse ecosystems uniquely dispersed throughout the sprawling 14,000 acre Sittee River Wildlife Reserve. Within these sensitive ecosystems live a plethora of wildlife and plant species that are indigenous to this part of the world. It has always been our mission at The Reserve Belize that we would seek to develop a sustainable community within these ecosystems while being respectful of the fauna and flora that have inhabited these lands for thousands of years.


The undulating landscape of The Reserve Belize starts at the foothills of the Maya Mountain range. It is here where dense subtropical rain forests of mahogany and cedar carpet the landscape and provide sanctuary to a plethora of animal, bird, insect, reptile and amphibian species. The Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, established in 1990 to protect the endangered jaguar, borders our property to the west and we are proud to be neighbors of this world-renowned nature conservation haven.

As The Reserve Belize landscape recedes from the upper mountainous jungles down to the lower-lying coastal plains, the ecosystem transforms into a subtropical savannah scattered with conifers, silver palmetto and whispering grasses. These plains are refuge to several exotic animals species from the tamandua anteater, tapir and ocelot. Our savannah plains are truly a nature-lover’s dream for zoologists, botanists and ornithologists, offering a glimpse into a diverse kingdom seldom explored by man.


The heart of The Reserve Belize can in many ways been seen as the Sittee River as it meanders from the Maya Mountains down to the coastline. It is along these river banks that one can witness some of the world’s tallest Mangroves as they engulf the coastal estuary and provide natural protection to the amphibians, reptiles, birds and fish species. Our goal is to provide all The Reserve Belize Home Owner’s a unique opportunity to live among, study and explore the natural wonders that make up our magnificent reserve.

Real Estate opportunities starting from $250k to $995k